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Procedure for the passage of overweight / oversize vehicles and works machinery

Aegean Motorway, within the framework of its continuing efforts to improve its services to the professional users of the motorway, has upgraded the system for the issuance of the Passage Information Notice for Overweight / Oversize Vehicles and Works Machinery.

With the new system quicker processing of the forms is accomplished, enabling us to send out the Passage Information Notice on the same day of the request.

The procedure that overweight / oversize vehicles and Works Machinery must follow for the passage through the Raches – Kleidi Section of the PATHE Motorway is the following:

1) The interested party must inform Aegean Motorway (at least one working day prior to the date of passage) about the vehicle passage through the Raches I/C – Kleidi I/C section, by sending the completed Passage Information Form by fax to +30 2410 741435, Monday to Friday (09:00am – 03:00pm). Forms received after 03:00 pm will be date stamped on the following working day.

2) Passage Information Forms for the current week will be responded to on the same day. Passage Information Forms for passages to be made at a date a week ahead are responded to on the Friday of the week previous to the intended travel.

3) Aegean Motorway will send the Passage Information Form by fax to the interested party informing them of the following:
i. Assuming passage of the vehicle is feasible on the date requested, the hours during which the vehicle may travel between Kleidi I/C and Raches I/C will be indicated.
ii. In case passage is not feasible, reasons will be stated.

4) On the day of the passage, the driver of the vehicle must contact the Motorway Management Centre (MMC) by phone on Tel: +30 2410 741440 – (at least one hour before reaching the section Raches I/C – Kleidi I/C), stating the protocol number, MOS_XXXX, so that the MMC can take all measures deemed necessary for the safe passage of the vehicles.

5) At the Toll Plazas, the Toll Collector will ask the driver of the oversize vehicle for the Protocol Number (MOS) on the Passage Information Form and will immediately inform the MMC. At the same time, the Toll Collector will ask the driver to wait in the lane until confirmation is given by the MMC that the vehicle passage is allowed (average waiting time = 1 minute).

By implementing the abovementioned procedure, a better service to our professional users is accomplished and in parallel the traffic safety on the motorway is enhanced. It is clarified that the Passage Information Form IS NOT a passage permit, nor does it substitutes the Special Passage Permit for overweight / oversize vehicles / Works Machinery required by Article 53 of the Greek Road Traffic Code.

The Passage Information Form is an information service provided by Aegean Motorway to the professional motorway users on whether the overweight / oversize vehicles / Works Machinery passage is feasible, depending on scheduled works and existing traffic conditions on the Motorway.

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at +30 2410 7410440.

Complete and submit by fax the following forms:

Overnight Stay Places

MSS No. of Places
ALMYROS 12 Trucks – 5 Busses / per direction
EVANGELISMOS 5 Trucks - 5 Busses / per direction
SKOTINA 12 Trucks - 6 Busses / per direction
KORINOS 20 Trucks – 6 Busses / per direction




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