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LOCAL Discount Programs

The eway LOCAL discount programs were created to facilitate car drivers that use the Motorway on a daily basis.

eWay local discount programms

The eway LOCAL discount programs are a new group of electronic programs created by Aegean Motorway for subscribers, offering discount of up to 80% to the cost of your monthly transactions at a toll station of your choice.

eway LOCAL programs are addressed to drivers of category 2 vehicles (light vehicles/ vehicles with or without trailer and height of up to 2.20m) and concern exclusively transactions made by eway transponder.

By subscribing to one of the eway LOCAL programs, you enjoy gradual discounts to your transactions at the Toll Station of your choice, for a total of 60 transactions at the same Toll Station within the same month. Kindly note that discounts do not apply to transactions made at other Toll Stations of the company.

Choose the eway LOCAL program that best suits you and benefit from the respective discounts.

Pelasgia LOCAL eWay local discount programms eWay local discount programms
Moschochori LOCAL eWay local discount programms eWay local discount programms
Makrychori LOCAL eWay makrychori local eWay makrychori local
Pyrgetos LOCAL eWay pyrgetos local eWay pyrgetos local
Leptokarya LOCAL eWay leptokarya local eWay leptokarya local
Kleidi LOCAL eWay kleidi local eWay kleidi local


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