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Vehicle And Machinery Fleet

stolos ergasies


20 Large Vans:

sprinter new1
These vehicles are fitted with variable message sign, retractable flashing arrow sign, mobile traffic signals, traffic cones, special tools, and materials used for quick defect repairs on motorway infrastructure. They are used for patrolling, safety and intervention in case of roadside incidents, also for the performance of maintenance works.


sprinter new2 sprinter new3

 6 Light Vans:

Six of these vehicles are mobile maintenance vehicles carrying special equipment to conduct repairs to toll system electronic equipment and to the Motorway and Tunnel management system. The remaining two vehicles are used for replenishing toll stations with consumables provided by the central storage.

μικρο βαν

 8 Pick Up vehicles (4X4):

These vehicles serve for the supervision of maintenance works and for transporting materials and staff to sites where works are performed. Out of these vehicles, four contribute to winter maintenance works provided that they are fitted with scraper and salt spreader



 22 pool cars:

These vehicles are used for personnel commuting

stolos i20 1

stolos i20 2


4, 4-wheel drive pool cars

These vehicles are used for transporting personnel to the under construction sections of the motorway.



4 Unimog multi – purpose vehicles

Their equipment is dependent upon the intended task, they can carry several special appliances and attachments used for road pavement washing and cleaning, for safety parapets, tunnels, toll cubicles and islands, also for branch and tree pruning. Furthermore, they are used as snow ploughs, provided that they are fitted with snow blade and salt spreader attachments.

unimog1 unimog2


2 6Χ6 heavy trucks

They are used mainly as snow ploughs after being fitted with frontal and side blade and salt spreader attachments. They are also equipped with jib crane and can work across a 7m width of pavement.



8, 4-wheel drive heavy trucks

5 out of 8 vehicles are fitted with jib crane. They can be used for carrying heavier equipment items to maintenance sites. Furthermore, they are used as snow ploughs, provided that they are fitted with snow blade and salt spreader attachments.




2 light trucks

They are fitted with long cargo platforms, they are used in safety barrier restoration works



2 road sweepers

They are used for road pavement cleaning and for clearing up storm water drainage ways



2 aerial platform lift trucks

Max. lifting capacity: 18m. These units are intended for inspecting bridges and canopies, for electric lighting, CCTV and vertical road sign maintenance.

kalathoforo 3


4 small loaders / multi purpose machines

Depending on the intended job, these shall be equipped with suitable attachments and used as loaders, fork lift trucks, small excavators, and hammers used for installation of safety barriers.



4 platforms

Used for hauling small loaders.

platforma bobcat


10 towed Α1 signs

Fitted with retractable illuminated arrow sign, used for implementing traffic mergers and detours.



6 towed variable message signs

Fitted with a retractable and a fixed part, they are used for motorist information purposes. Furthermore, they are used for implementing traffic mergers and detours.



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