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Interoperability is a service allowing drivers to use a single transponder at electronic toll lanes of different road networks.

In practice, Interoperability means that a vehicle may go through electronic toll lanes of all cooperating road networks using a single transponder. Interoperability makes traveling in Northern, Central and Southern Greece a comfortable experience.

Interoperability is provided free of charge to all Subscribers that wish to use electronic toll lanes of cooperating road networks using the eway transponder.

Interoperability in 4 steps:

How do I choose a transponder?

The users of the participating motorways can choose the transponder that best meets your needs, depending on where you live, the road network you use most often, as well as any discounts that may be of interest of you.

ewayepassBridgeolympia odos

Please remember:

Each road network applies its own commercial policy and any discount packages apply solely to the road network that provides them and only if the respective transponder is used.

In case you have more than one transponder in the same vehicle, please choose to put at your windscreen the one you want to use for your electronic transaction keeping in mind the above requirements.

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How is my transaction charged?

Transaction charges depend on the category of your vehicle, as this is specified by the motorway you are travelling on, based on the height of the vehicle and the number of its axles.

Please remember:

In case of variation on the height of your vehicle resulting from variable load (e.g. vehicle rack):

  • Use a manual toll lane to pay the corresponding toll fee and avoid any possible misclassification of your vehicle.
  • If you use an electronic toll lane without height limit, you will be charged toll fees corresponding to a higher vehicle category, automatically recorded by the electronic system.
  • You cannot use an electronic toll lane with height limit (height restrictions apply).

For height restrictions applying on each road network, please refer to the following sign table (How do I recognize the electronic toll lanes?).

For more information regarding toll charges, please refer to the websites of the participating road networks.

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How do I recognize the electronic toll lanes?

When approaching the toll station

Follow the signage of the electronic toll lanes according to your vehicle's category and height.

  Passenger cars

Trucks and Buses

All vehicles

Attki Odos  Height ≤ 2,70 μ  (Roupaki Toll Station only)
No height restriction
Aegean Motorway  - - No height restriction

Bridge Height≤ 2,00 μ  (Trucks Only)
No height restriction
Moreas - - No height restriction

Olympia Odos Height≤ 2,20 μ No height restriction No height restriction


The setting of the electronic toll lanes differs per toll station and, therefore, your timely attention to the signage is required in order to enter into the right toll lane.


When entering the electronic toll lane

Special signs inform drivers of the transponders that may be used at the respective electronic toll lanes.

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How do I add credit to my account?

Before you set of for your journey, during which you intend to make use of interoperability, please ensure that you have sufficient credit in your account.

Each transponder offers different ways of crediting your account, specifically:


Attiki Odos

  • At the manual toll lanes of Attiki Odos
  • At the Customer Service Centers of Attiki Odos
  • At the Customer Service Centers of Moreas
  • By phone, calling +30 210 668222 charging your credit/debit card
  • Through the network of collaborating Banks/ Businesses (ALPHA BANK, Eurobank, The Hellenic Post Bank, National Bank, Piraeus Bank, Carefour, selected Shell, EKO & BP, gas stations)


Aegean Motorway

  • At the manual toll lanes of Aegean Motorway
  • At the Customer Service Points of Aegean Motorway
  • By bank deposit to the account of "Aegean Motorway S.A." at PIRAEUS BANK


Rion-Antirion Bridge

  • At the manual toll lanes of Rion-Antirion Bridge
  • At the Customer Service Department of Rion-Antirion Bridge
  • By bank deposit to the account of "GEFYRA S.A." at ALPHA BANK


Olympia Odos

  • At the manual toll lanes of Olympia Odos
  • At the Customer Service Points of Olympia Odos
  • By bank deposit to the account of "Olympia Odos S.A." at ALPHA BANK

Please remember:

Crediting your account (payments in cash) or at a Customer Service Point (in cash or by credit/debit card) may only be effected at the road network where you subscribed your transponder. Adding credit to your account via the distribution points (bank/ business) of each road network is only possible for the transponders of this specific network.

The electronic toll system is updated with your new balance:

  • In 1hr, after payment at the manual toll lanes on the road network where you obtained your transponder.
  • Within a few hours, for payments through commercial distribution points.
  • Within in 1 working day, from the date of payment through the network of collaborating banks.
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