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The Company

Company Structure

Aegean Motorway has sites across the 230 km of the motorway.

To fully implement its scope of works, the Company was organized in 4 main Divisions:

  • The Management Division, which is based at Moschochori and manages all matters concerning the organization and proper operation of the company in whole
  • The Finance Division, which is based at Moschochori and is responsible for the overview of the financing and the financial control of the Project.
  • The Design & Construction Division, which is located at Itea, Larissa and is in charge of monitoring all upgrade and construction works for the new sections carried out by the Construction Joint Venture in line with the contractual and/ or international specifications, as well as the monitoring of the construction time schedule.
  • The Operation & Maintenance Division which is responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the motorway

The Motorway Traffic Department, part of the Operation & Maintenance Division ensures the proper operation of the Motorway, whilst the Maintenance Department is responsible for the Light and Heavy maintenance of the motorway. For the purpose of better managing the maintenance needs of the Project, this has been distinguished in two Districts, the Northern and Southern District respectively.

  • The Southern District which extends from the southern end of the Project at Raches, Ftiotida Prefecture to Evangelismos I/C is served by the Moschochori Operation and Maintenance Centre and the Drymonas Technical Base.
  • The Northern District which extends from the Evangelismos I/C to the northern end of the Project at Kleidi, Imathia is served by the Leptokarya Operation and Maintenance Centre and the Krinos Technical Base. The Katerini Cut & Cover and the part of the Old National Road belong to this district which will also undertake the new section of the motorway with the three large tunnels, currently under construction.



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