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The Company

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are happy to present to you the first issue of the Corporate Social Responsibility Report for the year 2015, drafted in compliance with the international guidelines of GRI G4 (Global Reporting Initiative).

The Report presents in detail the data, the actions and the programs we implemented in 2015 – in other words, it outlines our contribution to society, την economy and the environment. Social responsibility is an important component of the policy of Aegean Motorway aiming at creating a better society, protecting the environment and supporting the local economies in the areas we are active in.

Indicatively, we note that in 2015:

- We made prompt and coordinated intervention in 15,000 incidents on the motorway

- We trained 60% of our employees

- We replaced/ enriched the central median of the motorway with 7,000 plants and we recycled 77.51 tons of waste

- We fully undertook the cost of the toll cards for Disabled Individuals

- We raised awareness amongst 1.200 pupils and 400 teachers on road safety

- We fully restored the Biological Treatment System in Skopelos; we also repaired and fully equipped the island’s Health Center.

The CEO stated that “The main scope of the Company is the constant upgrade of the road safety, which we promote via focused interventions and actions for our employees and the wider society. One of the key elements of our corporate philosophy is to ensure that drivers on the Motorway are satisfied with the services provided by Aegean Motorway.”

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015





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