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Friday, 15 September 2017 

Following the completion of the construction works at Kleidi Toll Station, the Kleidi Customer Service Point resumes its operation from its new offices.

 Thank you for your cooperation whilst works were in progress.

   From Wednesday 14/06 to Thursday 30/09

Exclusion of traffic at the exit of Korinos I/C, direction to Thessaloniki, as well as on the underpass due to the reinforcement of the existing Korinos I/C bridge.

Please note that the exit of Korinos I/C, direction to Athens is closed off to traffic from 15.05.2017 for the same reason whilst the Korinos I/C motorway entrance direction to Thessaloniki will be temporally kept in operation.



Pelasgia, Moschochori, Makrychori, Pyrgetos, Leptokaria.


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