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Time Line of Significant Events

13 June 2007 Aegean Motorway SA is established
28 June 2007 The Concession Agreement is signed
8 August 2007 Concession Agreement L 3605/2007 is ratified by the Hellenic Parliament
30 January 2008 Concession Agreement is approved by the European Union
5 March 2008 Concession Agreement Commencement Date
20 March 2008 Contractual Commencement of Operations
15 December 2008 Readiness exercise at Katerini Tunnel
8 July 2009 Evangelismos MSS – Petrol Station open for business
24 August 2009 The new Pyrgetos Toll Station is put in operation whilst at the same time, Tembi Toll Station is closed down
20 October 2009 E way is introduced
17 December 2009 Traffic is suspended at Tembi at the Old National Road because of a rockfall incident
23 March 2010 Tunnel T1 breakthorugh
8 May 2010 Makrychori Frontal and Ramp Toll Station as well as Gyrtoni Ramp Toll Station are put in operation
8 May 2010 Works are completed and traffic is reinstated at Tembi
5 June 2010 Evangelsimos MSS – Catering Area in operation
27 October 2010 Commencement of operation of Skotina MSS – Petrol Station
30 December 2010 Road pavement rehabilitation works from Katerini to Kleidi are fully completed
28 April 2011 Leptokarya Ramp Toll Station is put in operation
31 May 2011 Tunnel T2 – the longest tunnel in the Balkans - Breakthough
1 June 2011 Significant reduction of the works pase at the New Sections due to suspension of financing
25 November 2011 Commencement of operation of Almyros MSS – Petrol Station
11 December 2012 Large scale excersise at Katerini Tunnel
18 December 2012 Commencement of Interoperability - with the cooperative motorways of Attiki Odos, Olympia Odos, Moreas and Gefyra
28 January 2013 Commencement of operation of Kleidi Toll Station (Aeginio)
11 August 2013 Commencement of operation of Almyros MSS – Catering facilities
14 August 2013 Commencement of operation of Skotina MSS – Catering facilities
11 December 2013 Ratification of the Revised Terms of the Concession Agreement
17 December 2013 Financial Close for Project Reset
25 July 2014 Breakthrough of T3 Tunnel


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