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eway Benefits

Are you still wondering why to get an eway transponder?

By using an eway transponder, you benefit from significant discounts in toll fees, you go through the electronic lanes at most Greek motorways, you can better organize and monitor your expenses and journeys, manage online your eway account and much more.

Read the list below and discover how the eway transponder can offer you a variety of advantages, making your journey easier and more comfortable.

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Economy/ savings

 neworange 48x48 80% discount for your return transaction, made within 10 hours, at the Moschochori Toll Station (Moschochori Return - for category 2 vehicles).
Savings of up to 80% for passenger cars, at the Aegean Motorway toll station of your choice when using the LOCAL discount programs.
Savings of up to 22% for trucks and buses that go through the electronic lanes toll stations from Raches, Fthiotida to Larisa (Pelasgia and Moschochori Toll Stations).
Total savings of up to 10,9% for buses and trucks that go through the electronic lanes at all toll stations along the 230km of Aegean Motorway (PATHE Motorway, Raches, Fthiotida to Kleidi, Imathia section).
Savings of up to 90% for motorcycles using the ΒΙΚΕ discount programs at the Aegean Motorway Toll Stations.

Online account management

Using my easy way, the new online account management platform, it is now possible for companies, individuals and professionals to manage their account on their computer, tablet or phone.

One transponder for many motorways

Eway makes travelling at the Northern, Central and Southern Greece easier and more convenient as drivers can now go through the electronic lanes of most Greek motorways using the eway transponder.

Monthly invoices

A monthly itemized invoice is issued to all companies and Professionals which can be included in business expenses. This way, accounting departments are facilitated as they record one invoice instead of several receipts. Monthly invoices can be printed via the My easy way online account management platform.

Easier expenses checking

A monthly itemized statement for all transactions per vehicle, is issued for all customers , thus they are able to check and control their expenses. The itemized statement is available online on the online account management platform My easy way.

Faster transactions

Reduced drivers’ waiting time at the toll stations. The average time required by vehicles to drive through the electronic lanes is significantly less than the time required to drive through collector lanes.

Fuel savings and reduced gas emissions

Research has shown that Electronic Toll Collection Systems such eway as reduce fuel consumption and harmful gas emissions at toll stations.


Select the eway program that suits you

  • Basic Subscription Programs
  • LOCAL Discount Programs
  • BIKE Discount Program
  • Discounts for Trucks & Busses
  • Discount Program Moschochori Return
eWay bikes eWay vechicles eWay busses eWay trucks eWay vechicles
Basic (1.0, 1.1, 1.2) Basic (2.0, 2.1, 2.2) Basic (3.0, 3.1, 3.2) Basic (4.0, 4.1, 4.2) Combined (0, 1, 2)
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The eway LOCAL discount programs were created to facilitate car drivers that use the Motorway on a daily basis.

eWay local discount programms

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eWay bike If you drive a Bike or a tricycle choose the eway BIKE to benefit from savings in your transactions at all Toll Stations of Aegean Motorway.
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Savings of up to 24.14% for trucks and busses at the Pelasgia and Moschochori Toll Stations

eWay Busses and trucks Truck and bus drivers can save up to 24.14% on toll fees at the Pelasgia and Moschohcori Toll Stations (from Raches, Fthiotida to Larisa) using the eway transponder as shown in the tables below.
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80% discount for your return transaction, made within 10 hours, at the Moschochori Toll Station (for category 2 vehicles)

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